The EPA: A Study in the Development of Misguided Ideals

While the green culture tends to sanctify virtually all decisions made by the EPA, those of us not living in a tree house recognize this organization borders on becoming just another bureaucratic invention meant to suck the life out of American industry and business. Ask any businessman attempting to grow their business and horrific tales of the EPA’s influence and power inevitably crop up. As the man himself, Newt Gingrich, explains in a recent post on his website, “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has transformed from an agency with the original animating and noble mission of protecting the environment into a job-killing, centralizing engine of ideological litigation and regulation that blocks economic progress at every turn while also frustrating the EPA’s original mission of protecting the environment.”

Worse still, Gingrich quickly points out that the recent rise in unchecked power of this organization largely stems from “environmentally conscious” presidents looking for another way to expand their power. Indeed, the EPA’s influence over the private sector should have most successful American businessmen running scared as our liberal president wields this considerable authority to dictate an astonishingly high number of basic decisions in our lives, extending even as far as what kinds of fuel we can purchase for our vehicles.

Even way back in 2008, when the ethanol craze was still beginning, a Newsweek article explained that skyrocketing food prices had most logical Americans scratching their heads, wondering how smart converting about 20% of our corn crop to fuel really was. Never mind the fact that these companies suffered severe gross profit falls, indicating this “renewable” fuel might not represent the future energy source we envisioned, last year’s 50% jump in corn cost and the global fears over another price surge in foods should indicate to most Americans that devoting one fifth of one of our most valuable crops to fuel might not bode well for those lower income families struggling through the tail end of a recession. Although attractive “grow your own fuel” articles appear all over the internet, especially has gas prices threaten to hit $5 a gallon by the end of the year, at some point it becomes time to decide whether hanging low income families out to dry for the distant possibility of a self-reliant fuel source is advisable.

With such an emphasis on long term goals, like of weaning ourselves off fossil fuels, getting in the way of helping the 17.4 million U.S. households that were food insecure at some point in 2009, one must really start to question the truth behind the organization’s slogan that advertises “40 years of protecting health and the environment.” Perhaps an amended statement reading something like “40 years of protecting our agenda” is in order.

With all these misguided actions potentially motivated by ulterior motives, the question then becomes: what should the EPA start regulating? An excellent question, indeed, and for the answer, I revert back to the EPA’s slogan of protecting “health” first, then the “environment.” While the EPA holds a clear emphasis on all things eco-friendly, the health of citizens has largely taken a back seat, as established by our liberal president’s indifference towards families struggling to put food on their tables.

As an alternative to the current course of action, the American people might be better-served if the EPA actually began fulfilling their promise and truly looked out for their health. That pledge could even start in the very place Americans lay their heads each night and raise their families each day: the home. Although the government’s response to many home dangers, such as lead, mercury and radon appear strong, chances are we will not see the EPA attacking these household dangers with any hint of the zeal which they tackle threats to the environment. Despite the recent rise in respiratory and developmental disorders linked to indoor pollutants, the government’s response has typically involved posting some information on their website and offering warnings and disclaimers without proactively seeking out these home threats and helping remove them from homes.

One chemical typifying the EPA’s disconnect with their stated health position is asbestos, a lethal mineral that leads to the development of an incurable cancer called mesothelioma. Unfortunately, mesothelioma symptoms typically remain dormant for decades, sometimes as long as 50 years. However, few Americans can expect help from the EPA, with the best their site has to offer being “suggestions for appropriate remedial action.” Unfortunately, “remedial action” doesn’t apply to this particular pollutant. Even a short period of exposure to asbestos can lead to the development of this disease, which numerous veterans can attest to: around 30% of those diagnosed with this cancer served in the military at some point. Furthermore, mesothelioma life expectancy rivals that of any destructive cancer in terms of its brevity, yet the government still allows its limited use in some construction products.

In their guilty desire to forget these past indiscretions, or perhaps in keeping with our government’s history of failing to fully protect, specific questions regarding the present health of our populace remain absent from the EPA’s dialogue. However, we have only ourselves to blame as young Americans, obediently expecting the ice caps to melt and wash us all away, cling to misguided ideals about industry and the environment. Sure, we’d all love to see pollution ended and yes, ending our reliance on fossil fuels would be tremendous. However, until we start taking a long look at the millions of our neighbors suffering from the neglect of an agency ostensibly out to protect them, these illogical environmental concerns will continue to take precedent, meaning the EPA will continue its disturbing transformation into a misguided, progress-killing bureaucracy intent on putting the protection of swamps above the health of individuals.

A Little Old…A Little New…A Lot Blue

Trickeration Winner 2010

Trickeration, a significant word in football lingo.

For some, it just isn’t pure football, for others, it is the essence of football. Fooling your opponent is a potent weapon, it gets in their heads, makes them cautious and paranoid, while raising the spirits of the team that pulled off the trick play.

Each football season there are numerous examples of trickeration, each instance providing much humor to those who see it, with the exception of the ones who got their “heads cut.”

Having reviewed numerous examples of trickeration for the 2010 season, I have decided it has come down to two, with one being the clear winner.

The first is from a middle school game in Corpus Christi, Texas. The QB complains that the officials didn’t mark the penalty correctly, that it should be five yards further up field. He has the center hand him the ball as he marches off the additional five yards and….

Very well played!
However, this was middle school where many of the kids are easily fooled, not being well versed in the rules.

Therefore, I believe the following example of trickeration to be the best of 2010. It is in the Texas 5A Div 1 state championship game and the team that gets its “head cut” is the #1 high school team in the nation and the defending state champion. An experienced and quality team that shouldn’t be fooled by any team, certainly not by an upstart program from Pearland, Tx., but…

…they were.

Pearland won the championship game by 4 points.

What about you?
Did you see any good trickeration this past season?

It’s cold outside, II

I don’t mind winter so much. It’s just the dang cold weather I can’t stand.

But, looking on the bright side of things, each day of winter brings us another day closer to … SPRING FOOTBALL!

And, as Brad Locke reminds us, it’s just 6 weeks away

The Best Camo Evah…EVAH!

It makes you invisible…almost.

It’s cold out there!

I just got off the phone with a friend in Colorado. He said that since early this morning, the snow is nearly waist high and is still falling.

The temperature is dropping way below zero and the north wind is increasing to near gale force. His wife has done nothing but look through the kitchen window and just stare.

He says that if it gets much worse, he may have to let her in.

Calling Krugman An A$$-Hole Is Being Civil

For such a despicable liberal hack, the above descriptive term is within the realm of civility. Personally, I liken Krugman to the toxic, bacterial laden contents that depart said orifice, but I digress.

On Friday night’s episode of Fox News show “Red Eye,” pollster (and non Kool-Aid drinking Democrat) Pat Caddell accurately describes Krugman.
From The Daily Caller:

That is the “flat-out” truth, spoken clearly and concisely. Caddell points out an example or two, but there is a litany of despicable comments the former economic adviser to Enron, Krugman, has made in years past. Things he has said since the horrific Tucson massacre have further exposed him as the a$$-hole he truly is.

Nile Gardiner of the London Telegraph has posted on this which includes Krugman twice.

A shameful week for America’s liberal elites. The top 10 most ridiculous left-wing attacks on US conservatives following the Arizona shootings:

#1)Paul Krugman–We don’t have proof yet that this was political, but the odds are that it was. She’s been the target of violence before. And for those wondering why a Blue Dog Democrat, the kind Republicans might be able to work with, might be a target, the answer is that she’s a Democrat who survived what was otherwise a GOP sweep in Arizona, precisely because the Republicans nominated a Tea Party activist.

#5)Paul Krugman–So will the Arizona massacre make our discourse less toxic? It’s really up to G.O.P. leaders. Will they accept the reality of what’s happening to America, and take a stand against eliminationist rhetoric? Or will they try to dismiss the massacre as the mere act of a deranged individual, and go on as before? If Arizona promotes some real soul-searching, it could prove a turning point. If it doesn’t, Saturday’s atrocity will be just the beginning.

He is not only wrong about this, and about pretty much everything else he comments on, but polling numbers from many sources confirm it.

From Yossi Gestetner, AZ Shooting Polls are Bad News for Libs, Media(links at the source):

A CBS News Poll shows that 57% surveyed, including 57% Independents, do not associate political rhetoric with the shooting.

A Rasmussen Poll released Thursday, January 13, 2010, writes that 62% survey think that stricter gun rules would not have avoided the Arizona shooting, and 58% say so in the above CBS Poll.

56% in the above Rasmussen poll say that the United States does not need stricter gun laws.

Only fifteen percent, again: only 15%, in a Quinnipiac Poll taken January 10-11, say that Overheated Political Rhetoric was a main reason for the Arizona Shooting, and only 9% say lax gun laws was the main reason. IN FACT, 40% in this poll say this shooting could not have been prevented!

36% in the above poll say that liberals are more responsible for heated political rhetoric, versus 32% who say Conservatives are more responsible.

As for Krugman’s statement “If Arizona promotes some real soul-searching, it could prove a turning point. If it doesn’t, Saturday’s atrocity will be just the beginning,” he was actually prescient, but not in the way he foresaw.
From Gateway Pundit, the neo-libturd Charles “Nancy” Johnson’s latest man crush, Eric Fuller, was arrested at a Tucson “soul searching” forum for threatening the life of the leader of the Tucson Tea Party patriots.

As for the a$$-hole Krugman, I’m confident the 50 or 60 subscribers the NYSlimes has support his false and iniquitous claims, unreservedly. Which insures he will never behave any differently.

Some how the rest of us will manage to survive without his caustic partisan rhetoric and distortions of reality. We have managed to do so quite nicely so far, for one simple reason.

He’s an a$$-hole.

*Cross posted at Urban Grounds*

Grouchy Conservative Pundits Down Again?

Couldn’t access starting about 2:30 p.m. EST 01/15/11. Your experience may vary.

Happy Friday

We Got Ourselves A Champeenship Tonight

I have to admit, I am less than enthusiastic about tonight’s BCS championship between Auburn and Oregon.

I got no dog in this fight, so I can be objective.

I believe Auburn will win, based on the performance of the SEC in previous BCS championships. Then, in about five years, the NCAA will strip Auburn of the title and Cam Newton will have to surrender the Heisman Trophy.

As for Oregon, there isn’t much I like about them, the extreme liberalism of the area they are from, the horrid, vomit inducing yellow and green colors they use in their uniforms, or the thuggish behavior some of their players have exhibited in the past.

Also, it’s a good thing the PAC 10 won’t be providing the officials tonight, or Auburn would be in for a very long night.

So chose your poison, fire up the tube and watch the last game of the 2010-11 season.

As far as I know, this is the first ever palindrome date for a BCS Championship, (1-10-2011/1102-01-1).
That alone should insure a modicum of interest.

Hold that Tigah!

Cotton Bowl tonite on Fox.

Be there: Aloha!

In the home stretch …

No game on tonight. So, rest those weary eyeballs and get ready for the home stretch…
Middle Tennessee vs. Miami (Ohio)
Mobile, Ala.
Ladd-Peebles Stadium
Jan. 6
8 p.m.
AT&T Cotton
LSU vs. Texas A&M
Arlington, Texas
Cowboys Stadium
Jan. 7
8 p.m.
BBVA Compass Bowl
Pittsburgh vs. Kentucky
Birmingham, Ala.
Legion Field
Jan. 8
Kraft Fight Hunger
Nevada vs. Boston College
San Francisco
AT&T Park
Jan. 9
9 p.m.
Tostitos BCS National Championship Game
Oregon vs. Auburn
Glendale, Ariz.
U. of Phoenix Stadium
Jan. 10
8:30 p.m.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled bowl game

Sugar Bowl on espn.


Life is good

Grouchy Conservative Pundits is (Temporarily) Down



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There appears to have been another cracking of our host, there were some malware directories added both to our shared server IP and also within our own GCP directory structure.  Your super-elite-delta-force-recon admins are now endeavoring to persevere.  We’re making backups and looking through our directory contents trying to make sure there’s nothing malicious remaining, before throwing the doors open for business as usual.

Please stand by.

Do not despair, GCPers. Mike C and Rayra are busily working to find a solution. In the meantime, please feel free to check in at Bob’s Bites, Nuke’s, A1A South, Conservative Talk, Blogmocracy, or any of the blogs run by people that also comment at GCP (check the links on the side.)

Happy New Year!

Before I venture out into the new year with buckets of feed, I want to wish each and every reader and Nuke, no2liberals, and Robert D Happy New Year, with the wish that all y’all have a happy, healthy, and rewarding year to come.

Now, on to those New Year’s resolutions. Hmmmm. Let me see, what should be first on my list? It should probably be achievable, which probably means I should cross out doing the P90X workout every single day until I have a slim, trim, toned hourglass figure. Riiiiiight. I have time fitting in a shower on some days. Plus I don’t actually HAVE the P90X workout on account of I don’t spend money on me, and SwampMan wisely refrained from giving me anything that would give the barest hint that maybe I am not absolutely perfect just the way I am. Okay. Maybe my resolution will be to achieve a beer keg figure this year. I think I can do it!

I would like to resolve that I will no longer be savagely bitten at work (ruefully rubbing left forearm where the underlying flesh is still crushed and painful after two weeks), but……that ain’t gonna happen unless I don’t go to work anymore. Hmmmmm. Sounds like a resolution to me! *sigh* SwampMan says NO, I cannot have a I’m Not Going To Work Ever Again resolution. Okay, fine. I resolve that I’m going to change careers this year. (Checking with SwampMan….SwampMan says a career change is a good goal.) Is beach bum a career?

Well, my resolution list is almost complete. I’m going to be a keg-shaped beach bum. I could probably collect money from beach businesses to NOT wear skimpy bathing suits at the beach and scare the tourists away and/or make them swear off food and drink. Sounds like a new business opportunity! I could wear signs saying “I got this body from exercising at __________ and eating at ______________” until they pay me to take their name off. Could be REALLY lucrative.

Here’s hoping that all your dreams are achievable, too!


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