Paul Harvey passes away

harvey_bushHello Americans, This Is Paul Harvey

And with those words, ABC News legend, Paul Harvey, begins another broadcast.

Paul Harvey is the most well-known newsman in the world. He established the gold standard for news and commentary over 50 years ago. Today the legendary broadcaster is still going strong with his morning and noon News & Comment and his tantalizing broadcast, The Rest of the Story.

Paul Harvey has passed away.

From wiki

Paul Harvey Aurandt (September 4, 1918 – February 28, 2009), better known as Paul Harvey, was an American radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks. He broadcasted News and Comment on weekday mornings and mid-days, and at noon on Saturdays, as well as his famous The Rest of the Story segments. His listening audience was estimated at 22 million people a week. Harvey liked to say he was raised in radio newsrooms.[1]

The most noticeable features of Harvey’s idiosyncratic delivery was his dramatic pauses, quirky intonations and his folksiness. A large part of his success stemmed from the seamlessness with which he segued from his monologue into reading commercial messages. He explained his enthusiastic support of his sponsors as such: “I am fiercely loyal to those willing to put their money where my mouth is.”[citation needed]

On Sept. 12, 2008, after the death of George Putnam, Harvey became the oldest syndicated radio personality in America.[citation needed]

On Feb. 28, 2009, Paul Harvey, America’s oldest radio personality died at the age of 90.


more from cbs

OMG, another freaking tax cheat

Is there any wonder why obama and his minions don’t mind raising taxes?  They don’t plan to pay them.

Today’s tax cheater? None other than Gregory Craig.

Operating a business out of one’s home in D.C. requires a home occupation permit and registration with the city’s division of corporations. Additionally, the government has instituted a new requirement for business license permits.

A spokesman at the Washington D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs told Gawker that no one has ever sought any kind of permit or registration for a business under the name of Noyes Graphics or at the Craigs’ home address. By not registering Craig may have avoided local business taxes.

Private investigator Joseph Culligan looked into business records for Noyes Graphics, which is run out of the Craigs’ home, and found Dun & Bradstreet records showing substantial annual sales, a Yellow Pages listing, and an online listing inviting customers to visit the business at her home address (now posted on

And a source within the D.C. government has told Culligan that authorities have begun a full-fledged investigation into Noyes Graphics. (The spokesman would not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.)  source (gawker)

Shameless bastids!

I spoke too soon

With the announcement of the messiah’s 2010 tax-spend-borrow-spend-some-more budget, I made this observation:

I didn’t think it possible, but it looks like we’ve found something that democrats enjoy more than killing babies.

I stand corrected. Link


This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread, a crisis free zone.

WFFOT: Buck Ofama

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Citi nationalized

from the Times

In its most daring bid yet to stabilize Citigroup, one of the nation’s largest and most troubled financial institutions, the Treasury Department announced on Friday that it would vastly increase its ownership of the struggling company.

After two multibillion-dollar lifelines failed to shore up Citigroup, the government will increase its stake in the company to 36 percent from 8 percent.

As part of the deal, Citi will shake up its board so that it has a majority of independent directors, Richard Parsons, the bank’s chairman, said in a statement.

Under the deal, Citibank said that it would offer to exchange common stock for up to $27.5 billion of its existing preferred securities and trust preferred securities at a conversion price of $3.25 a share, a 32 percent premium over Thursday’s closing price.

Investors are voting with their dollars. Pre-market price is around $1.40.

The great deleveraging continues unabated.

Obama’s tax and spend two-step

Today, President Obama released the outline of his $4 Trillion budget for FY 2010, revealing the true nature of the radical left, and their plans to dismantle free market capitalism. It’s an old song and dance called the tax and spend two step.

President Barack Obama is sending Congress a budget Thursday that projects the government’s deficit for this year will soar to $1.75 trillion, reflecting efforts to pull the nation out of a deep recession and a severe financial crisis.

Obama’s budget overview will call for between $3.5 trillion and $4 trillion in spending in fiscal year 2010 and creates space for up to $750 billion in additional bank bailout funds this year – money that hasn’t been requested and the administration hopes will not be necessary to stabilize the still-reeling financial system.

I didn’t think it possible, but it looks like we’ve found something that democrats enjoy more than killing babies.

Cell phone pops corn (and I don’t care)

Mrs. Nuke just sent me an email with this video attached.
I think the cell phone folks have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Actually, I do care. I just couldn’t help thinking about that song

(Tune in next week: the video inspired by the tune “A Frog went a Courtin”)

The new liberal spin: 9/11 hijackers -“dumb luck”

I thought it curious that the new DHS secretary totally avoided mentioning “terrorism” and “September 11” in her prepared remarks to Congress. Link

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano avoids mention of the terms “terrorism” or “Sept. 11” in remarks prepared for her first congressional testimony since taking office, signaling a sharp change in tone from her predecessors.

The explanation may be found in this article at Slate: The Terrorists-Are-Dumb Theory
(Don’t mistake these guys for criminal masterminds)
Here is an excerpt:

The 9/11 attacks were heralded as the harbinger of a new era of foreign-based terrorism in the United States. What if they were really a fluke?

Al-Qaida’s successful elimination of the Twin Towers, part of the Pentagon, four jetliners, and nearly 3,000 innocent lives makes the terror group seem, in hindsight, diabolically brilliant. But when you review how close the terrorists came to being exposed by U.S. intelligence, 9/11 doesn’t look like an ingenious plan that succeeded because of shrewd planning. It looks like a stupid plan that succeeded through sheer dumb luck.

The hubris and arrogance of the new administration will be their undoing. Let us hope that it will not be the republic’s undoing.

I Just Found Out…Tiger Woods Is One Cool Guy!

I have heard of Tiger Woods, and his amazing accomplishments in the game of golf, but never knew much about him. Tiger always seemed to be a private person, and his personal life isn’t the daily fodder for sensational publications. Of course, I knew his father was retired Army, and that Tiger was a child prodigy at golf, and also that he earned a scholarship to Stanford University. As a result, I never questioned his intelligence, or his ability at golf, even if it is a game I have no interest in.

Imagine my, pleasant, surprise when I received an email about a two minute speech he gave at one of the Obama inauguration events. An inauguration that I missed every second of.

Here is the video, and the transcript.

“We Are One,” an inauguration celebration for President-elect Barack Obama.

“I grew up in a military family – and my role models in life were my Mom and Dad, Lt. Colonel Earl Woods. My dad was a Special Forces operator and many nights friends would visit our home. They represented every branch of the service, and every rank. In my Dad, and in those guests, I saw first hand the dedication and commitment of those who serve. They come from every walk of life. From every part of our country. Time and again, across generations, they have defended our safety in the dark of night and far from home. Each day — and particularly on this historic day — we honor the men and women in uniform who serve our country and protect our freedom. They travel to the dangerous corners of the world, and we must remember that for every person who is in uniform, there are families who wait for them to come home safely. I am honored that the military is such an important part, not just of my personal life, but of my professional one as well. The golf tournament we do each year here in Washington is a testament to those unsung heroes. I am the son of a man who dedicated his life to his country, family and the military, and I am a better person for it. In the summer of 1864, Abraham Lincoln, the man at whose memorial we stand, spoke to the 164th Ohio Regiment and said: ‘I am greatly obliged to you, and to all who have come forward at the call of their country. ‘Just as they have stood tall for our country – we must always stand by and support the men and women in uniform and their families. Thank you, and it is now my pleasure to introduce the US Naval Glee Club.”

I don’t know if Tiger wanted to be a part of this event, historic though it was, but what is certain, he refused to make his appearance another fawning display over our new President, as so many others have. Instead, he honored his father, and all of the honorable men and women who have served, and are serving, this great nation, have defended it’s ideals, and kept it safe from our enemies.

Tiger has impressed me, and I know now, that he is a reasonable, and centered individual.
He’s one cool dude, IMO.

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Live free or die

This is a great story coming out of the Granite State, as reported by Pat Dollard

The New Hampshire state legislature took an unbelievably bold step Monday by introducing a resolution to declare certain actions by the federal government to completely totally void and warning that certain future acts will be viewed as a “breach of peace” with the states themselves that risks “nullifying the Constitution.”

This act by New Hampshire is a clear warning to the federal government that they could face being stripped of their power by the States (presumably through civil war!

The remarkable document outlines with perfect clarity, some basics long forgotten. For instance, it reminds Congress “That the Constitution of the United States, having delegated to Congress a power to punish treason, counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States, piracies, and felonies committed on the high seas, and offences against the law of nations, slavery, and no other crimes whatsoever;. . . . . therefore all acts of Congress which assume to create, define, or punish crimes, other than those so enumerated in the Constitution are altogether void, and of no force;”

Go here to read the full Resolution

Continue reading

Waiting on the big squeeze

Articles like this one seem to be the rule rather than the exception these days.

Brace yourself: The recession is projected to worsen this year.

I’m getting the same sort of feeling that I get when watching a big hurricane spinning around in the Gulf. Except, instead of trying to prepare for several days of turmoil, I get the feeling that this may be impossible to prepare for: the damage too great, the recovery period too long.

I hate this.

Indian Point incident

A nuclear incident at Indian Point Nuclear Power plant in New York is the 4th event on US soil this week.  From RSOE,

EDIS Number NC-20090221-20596-USA
Event type Nuclear Event Date / time [UTC] 21/02/2009 – 11:08:37
Country USA Area Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
County / State State of New York City Buchanan
Cause of event Unknown Log date [UTC] 21/02/2009 – 11:08:37
Damage level Minor Time left
Latitude: N 41° 16.185 Longitude: W 73° 57.140

Here are the other three incidents

Bay Minette company’s renewable diesel wows expert

BAY MINETTE — Cello Energy sprouted quietly here as a truly homegrown industry. But it won’t stay that way, said David Bransby, professor of energy crops and bio-energy at Auburn University.

The company has been in startup for about two months, making renewable diesel fuel from tires, hay, straw, wood chips and switchgrass. Full production should begin in March, with a goal of 20 million gallons a year, produced for well under a $1 gallon, company officials said.

Created, built and financed by the father-and-son team of Jack and Allen Boykin of Daphne, the company will “shock the world,” Bransby said.

Experts are calling this “mind-boggling.”  Looks like a recycler’s dream.

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Missouri plant makes three

An unspecified nuclear event at Callaway Nuclear Plant in Missouri marks the third nuclear incident this week in the US, according to RSOE.

Event type Nuclear Event Date / time [UTC] 20/02/2009 – 18:15:47
Country USA Area Callaway Nuclear Power Plant
County / State State of Missouri City Fulton
Cause of event Unknown Log date [UTC] 20/02/2009 – 18:15:47

17/02/2009 – 13:41:17
Country USA Area Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant
County / State State of Alabama City Decatur

Earlier this week, RSOE reported an event at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant.

See? All that junk going on in the markets seems like small potatoes now, doesn’t it?


This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread. A free speech zone.

WFFOT: Because a nuke is a terrible thing to waste.


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Update:Buffalo, NY “Honor” Killing!

The murder of Aasiya Hassan, was discussed here, a few days ago.

That she had been abused by her husband/murderer, had been reported, and was the reason she was seeking a divorce. Now there is new information on this senseless murder, that not only corroborates her years of abuse, but that her husband/murderer was following the tenets of Sharia Law.

This article from Canada Free Press, cites a source, the Northeast Intelligence Network, that claims to have interviewed a police source close to the investigation.

The NIW revealed the following:

Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and contributor to Canada Free Press, interviewed this police source by telephone, who agreed to speak on the strict condition of anonymity. According to this source, Aasiya Zubair was stabbed multiple times, suffering perhaps as many as three dozen stab wounds with a steak knife in what was described as a “frenzied killing.” She was then beheaded by the same instrument.

Also according to this source, Mr. Hassan told police that because she was beheaded, she would not be permitted entry into paradise, an alleged reference to his Islamic beliefs. “It was all about honor, and the dishonor she [the victim] was bringing upon him and his family,” stated this source. “There was definitely a cultural if not a religious aspect to these incidents,” added this source.

“There were numerous calls to police, many made by the victim, some on behalf of the victim, because of domestic violence. There were indications of physical abuse. Each time, the victim refused to file charges against her husband,” stated this source. This source added that the alleged murderer, Mr. Hassan, was very concerned about his standing in the Islamic community, and would reportedly tell his wife that she “had no authority to divorce him,” an apparent reference to Sharia (Islamic) law.

Having been in law enforcement, and witnessed some gruesome murder scenes(one remarkably similar to this, only the woman had been stabbed dozens of times, with the butcher knife left planted in her chest), I know what the officers that viewed that scene have to deal with. It is beyond grotesque, and an image they will carry with them forever.

At other sites, I saw comments excoriating the readers for blaming Islam or Muslims, for this tragic murder, as well as being told we were making unfounded assumptions, in blaming Sharia Law. Well, we all make assumptions, all the time, and some conclusions are easier to reach than others. In the case of Islam, and the violence that is contained in the Koran, and the less than second class citizenship of women in this death cult, anyone that takes the time to research it will find that this murder should not be surprising. It should serve as another lesson to any willing to learn, that there is no place for Islam in a nation governed by the rule of law.

I would like to add, I feel enormous sympathy for the family of Aasiya Hassan. This is a life altering event for them, and a tragic loss to her loved ones.
I can’t even begin to imagine the sheer terror she must have experienced, when his attack began on her, and the realization she was about to die at the hands of the man whom she had spent so many years with, and was supposed to be her source of protection. The betrayal of that trust is unforgivable, and I sincerely hope he faces the full force of the law(NOT Sharia) for this senseless crime.

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The continuing power grab

Well, this didn’t take long
HR 676


To provide for comprehensive health insurance coverage for all United States residents, improved health care delivery, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

Duh One To Get Special Teleprompter

duh one

Duh One will getting a special teleprompter built into the podium for press conferences and special White House events so his handlers can tell him what to say. He has proven to be less than average when he has to think for himself. Just Words? Just Speeches? I’d have to say, Yes.

One wouldn’t know it from reading the Washington Post or New York Times, but some inside the White House don’t think that President Barack Obama hit a home run with his first national press conference last week.

“It looked scripted beyond the scripted part, the speech,” says one former communications adviser, who has been feeding notes and suggestions to the White House team and worked with them on the inauguration. “Every president has gone into one of these things knowing that there were some pre-arranged questions or journalists to be called on, but this one was pretty ham-handed.”

To that end, he says, the White House is looking to install a small video or computer screen into the podium used by the president for press conferences and events in the White House. “It would make it easier for the comms guys to pass along information without being obvious about it,” says the adviser.

The screen would indicate whom to call on, seat placement for journalists, pass along notes or points to hit, and so forth, says the adviser.

Using a screen is nothing new for Obama; almost nothing he said in supposedly unscripted townhall events during the presidential campaign was unscripted, down to many of the questions and the answers to those questions. Teleprompter screens at the events scrolled not only his opening remarks, but also statistics and information he could use to answer questions.

“It would be the same idea with the podium,” says the adviser.

Obama had a teleprompter set up for his remarks last week, before taking questions, but the White House couldn’t use the teleprompter for anything but the remarks, because the journalists were so close to the screens. Further complicating matters, teleprompter copy can’t be easily updated in real time, in a setting like a White House press conference.


We know what happens when he has to think for himself.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the leader of the free world doesn’t have an original thought in his head and has to be fed the answers from the people that pushed him into office.

If you think back a few years there was quite an uproar over a bad fitting suit that President Bush wore at a press conference. The press was all up in arms saying he wore a wire to get signals from offstage. Lets see how this tingles their legs.

Team’s gesture supports grieving opponent

With all the cruddy news of the day, this story made me smile. …..

Two missed free throws, ordinarily the cause of a coach’s headache, became the symbol of sportsmanship in a Milwaukee boys basketball game earlier this month.

Milwaukee Madison senior Johntell Franklin, who lost his mother, Carlitha, to cancer on Saturday, Feb. 7, decided he wanted to play in that night’s game against DeKalb (Ill.) High School after previously indicating he would sit out.

He arrived at the gym in the second quarter, but Franklin’s name was not in the scorebook because his coach, Aaron Womack Jr., didn’t expect him to be there.

Rules dictated Womack would have to be assessed a technical, but he was prepared to put Franklin in the game anyway. DeKalb coach Dave Rohlman and his players knew of the situation, and told the referees they did not want the call.

The referees had no choice. But Rohlman did.

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Monday night linkage


Here’s an interesting start to the week, from the UK Telegraph

Israel has launched a covert war against Iran as an alternative to direct military strikes against Tehran’s nuclear programme, US intelligence sources have revealed.

Maybe this is a sign of sources to come. In fact, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to believe that if President Bush were still at the helm, this would have been front page in the NYT.


EIB calls for salary caps at NBC News. GE took TARP money, should be subject to same rules as Wall Street. Especially since GE Capital accounts for 55% of GE’s revenue.  Heh.


I received this invite from Eric Odom Nashville. should be a lot of fun.

During the 2008-09 campaign season, the free-market movement witnessed the opposing side of the political isle literally walk all over us when it comes to eActivism. Specifically, the translation of online political activism to offline political success.

Many within the freedom movement have discussed different ways of advancing our online efforts. But few, if any, have been able to collaborate on ways to implement these ideas and put them to work.

RootsHQ 2009 is a new Tech/NOW Media Summit that aims at tackling this problem. Our conference is geared towards tech savvy, online activists who have ideas to share, and want to learn from others as well.


If it’s good enough for Chavez, then how about The One? This didn’t take long

Mr. SERRANO introduced the following joint resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.


Get your vintage children’s books now before Henry Waxman outlaws them.

It’s hard to believe, but true: under a law Congress passed last year aimed at regulating hazards in children’s products, the federal government has now advised that children’s books published before 1985 should not be considered safe and may in many cases be unlawful to sell or distribute. Merchants, thrift stores, and booksellers may be at risk if they sell older volumes, or even give them away, without first subjecting them to testing—at prohibitive expense. Many used-book sellers, consignment stores, Goodwill outlets, and the like have accordingly begun to refuse new donations of pre-1985 volumes, yank existing ones off their shelves, and in some cases discard them en masse.

Thanks Henry. I feel safer already. Besides, it’s for the children, right? What a dickhead.


The SF Chronicle isn’t too enthused about The One’s power grab at the Census.

Allowing Obama politicos like chief of staff Rahm Emanuel – a top House Democratic strategist in his prior life – anywhere near the census adding machine is too partisan. It’s a Chicago-style setup that should worry any voter.


The Memphis Commercial Appeal has come under fire for invading the privacy of private citizens by posting personal information of CCW permit holders. Their justification for this outrage is laughable. In fact, Chris Peck says it’s all a “misunderstanding.” Then, he channels Henry Waxman and tells us he did it “for the children.”

A mom might now check the list to see if the parents at her kid’s sleep-over next door had a concealed weapon permit. If so, maybe it would be worth talking to them to make sure the gun is locked up.

A school official, concerned about whether teachers were bringing guns onto school grounds, might check the list to see whether anyone on the staff has a permit to carry, and then have a discussion about it.

Oh, please. I know the C/A has a great Sports section, but this is just too much. It’s time for Memphians to speak in the language that the C/A can understand. Cancel your subscription. And, if any of your neighbors has a subscription to the C/A, “maybe it would be worth talking to them” about it. And, after you do so, drop Chris Peck an email and let him know why. More: Walls of the City gives C/A a proper fisking.


Obama Portrait GalleryAnd finally, while browsing the web this evening, I ran across Brad Warthen’s blog at The State. Brad discovered some interesting pixellation embedded in the Obama- hope poster. Click on the photo to enlarge.

[cue spooky music…]


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Almost As Funny As Chasing A One-Legged Rooster!

A video of a hysterical passenger screaming at airline staff and writhing on the floor after missing a flight at Hong Kong airport has become a YouTube hit.

By Sunday, the three-minute clip of the furious woman had racked up close to 40,000 hits in three days on the video-sharing site.

The video starts with the screaming woman running towards the departure gate and bouncing off a female security guard, after she learned that her flight has been closed.

She then starts banging a desk before collapsing to the floor and rolling around, while maintaining a high-pitched wail.

A man unsuccessfully tries to comfort her and get her off the floor, but the shrill screaming continues.

The footage, entitled “A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA” appears to have been shot with a mobile phone from behind the staff desk.

The woman was travelling on a Cathay Pacific flight to San Francisco on February 4, a Cathay spokeswoman told AFP.

“All passenger doors had already been closed and the crew was preparing the flight for departure,” she said.

“As the passengers had failed to show up on time, we had already offloaded their checked baggage to comply with the security requirements.”

The spokeswoman said the woman had been able to take a flight a few hours later, adding passengers are always advised to arrive at the gate no later than 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

“We do not know who shot the video or who posted it on the web,” she said.


swampie, on February 15th, 2009 at 5:06 pm Said:

I helpfully pointed out the one-legged rooster, but that one-legged rooster can travel really fast when he wants!

Funny indeed!
Now, if Swampie would video the non-English speaking rooster wrangler, we could have another viral hit.

El Nuko gets stimulated

Oh, did I tell you that I’m getting some stimulus moolah?

Hope!  Change!


h/t reason mag

Folks irked by Obama coins that are simply stickers placed on 50-cent pieces Video

Barack Obama collectibles? Nah, just bait and switch. FauxBama!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Folks irked by Obama coins that are s…“, posted with vodpod
hat tip KATU

Targeting the midterms

Passage of the obamanomics spending bill shows us how important it will be to target the vulnerable democrats for the 2010 midterms.

Meet the new U.S. House members
State (district) Member Status
Alabama (2) Bobby Bright Democrat Pickup
Alabama (5) Parker Griffith Democrat Pickup
Arizona (1) Ann Leilia Kirkpatrick Democrat Pickup
California (4) Tom McClintock Republican Pickup
Colorado (4) Betsy Markey Democrat Pickup
Connecticut (4) James Himes Democrat Pickup
Florida (16) Tom Rooney Republican Pickup
Florida (24) Suzanne Kosmas Democrat Pickup
Florida (8) Alan Grayson Democrat Pickup
Idaho (1) Walt Minnick Democrat Pickup
Illinois (11) Debbie Halvorson Democrat Pickup
Kansas (2) Lynn Jenkins Republican Pickup
Louisiana (6) Bill Cassidy Republican Pickup
Maryland (1) Frank Kratovil Democrat Pickup
Michigan (7) Mark Schauer Democrat Pickup
Michigan (9) Gary Peters Democrat Pickup
Nevada (3) Dina Titus Democrat Pickup
New Jersey (3) John Adler Democrat Pickup
New Mexico (1) Martin Heinrich Democrat Pickup
New Mexico (2) Harry Teague Democrat Pickup
New York (13) Mike McMahon Democrat Pickup
New York (25) Dan Maffei Democrat Pickup
North Carolina (8) Larry Kissell Democrat Pickup
Ohio (1) Steven Driehaus Democrat Pickup
Ohio (15) Mary Jo Kilroy Democrat Pickup
Ohio (16) John Boccieri Democrat Pickup
Pennsylvania (3) Kathy Dahlkemper Democrat Pickup
Texas (22) Pete Olson Republican Pickup
Virginia (11) Gerald Connolly Democrat Pickup
Virginia (2) Glenn Nye Democrat Pickup
Virginia (5) Tom Perriello Democrat Pickup

Also include Travis Childers of Mississippi on this list. His pickup of the Wicker seat in the special election is not included on this list, but he is vulnerable. We just need a good candidate.

The era of obamanomics begins

Breaking: Senate passes obama spending package 60-38. The president’s signature is all that is needed to begin the era of obamanomics. (BTW, Collins, Snowe and Specter voted yes.  bless’em)

usaupsidedownflaganationindistressCongress passed the final version of a $787 billion economic stimulus plan aimed at jolting the slumping U.S. economy, sending the legislation to President Obama’s desk for his signature.

The bill passed the Senate late Friday night after Democratic leadership held the vote open for several hours to allow one member, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, to return to Washington to cast the deciding vote. He had flown back from Ohio, where his mother died earlier in the week.

The bill passed in the Senate with 60 votes. The House approved the measure earlier in the day by a vote of 246-183, with no Republican “yes” votes and one member voting present.

You can take the muslim out of the country, but …

I was reading a story from the Buffalo News and couldn’t help thinking about the old Salem cigarette commercial and the jingle, you can take Salem out of the country but, you can’t take the country out of Salem …

It would be funny if the ending weren’t so tragic. Muzzammil Hassan is the founder and CEO of Bridges TV, a company he began in 2004. His stated goal was to “help portray Muslims in a more positive light.” You know, all of that cultural baggage from the old country, honor killings, child marriage, bigamy, and so on. Hassan was certain he could change America’s perception of Muslims if he could only let them see the true face of Islam.

Hassan’s wife Aasiya, had recently filed for divorce from her husband. Hassam’s response? Well cut the ungrateful b*tch’s head off, naturally …

Orchard Park police are investigating a particularly gruesome killing, the beheading of a woman, after her husband — an influential member of the local Muslim community — reported her death to police Thursday.

Police identified the victim as Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37. Detectives have charged her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, with second-degree murder.

“He came to the police station at 6:20 p.m. [Thursday] and told us that she was dead,” Orchard Park Police Chief Andrew Benz said late this morning.

Muzzammil Hassan told police that his wife was at his business, Bridges TV, on Thorn Avenue in the village. Officers went to that location and discovered her body….

Authorities say Aasiya Hassan recently had filed for divorce from her husband.

“She had an order of protection that had him out of the home as of Friday the 6th [of February],” Benz said.

[cue Salem jingle…]

You can take a muslim out of the country but, you can’t take the muslim out of a muslim

FBI reopens cold cases from civil rights era

Federal investigators are re-examining 43 decades-old unsolved killings in Mississippi during the civil rights years of the 1950s and ’60s. At least six of them are southwest Mississippi cases, the FBI announced Thursday. Among those cases is the Oct. 13, 1961, death of Eli Brumfield, who reportedly was shot dead by a McComb police officer who claimed self-defense and said Brumfield had pulled a knife on him after a traffic stop.

In February 2006, the FBI began to examine all unsolved fatal hate crimes that occurred before 1970. Federal, state and local law enforcement partners, as well as community leaders and civic organizations, provided information on unsolved violent crimes from the civil rights era.

Funding for the investigations comes from the Emmitt Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act, which was signed into law in 2007. [snip]

Another case being re-examined is the Aug. 14, 1959, ambush slaying of Samuel O’Quinn of Centreville.

According to an Aug. 17, 1959, Enterprise-Journal article headlined “Slain Negro Believed Killed By Own Race,” then-Wilkinson County Sheriff J.T. Falkenheimer told reporters after the killing that a group of black Wilkinson County residents had written an unsigned letter threatening O’Quinn days before the killing.The former sheriff said the letter claimed O’Quinn was a target for participating in NAACP-related activities.

Years later, the letter’s authenticity is questionable.

The 1959 newspaper article stated, “The letter said in effect that Negroes of Wilkinson County were ‘well satisfied,’ that they had the finest schools in the South, that they had no desire to associate with the white people, and wanted to be ‘left alone.’ It added that Wilkinson County Negroes wanted nothing to do with the NAACP … and urged the organization to ‘stay out.’ ”

I don’t know if the investigations will result in bringing justice to the murderers.  These crimes are in some cases over 50 years old.  Evidence will be hard to come by.  Many of the people involved are dead.

But, still, it is time.  It is long since time.  The families of the dead deserve the closure that can only come with the truth.

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