“These Despicable Republicans…”

I just listened again to kerry’s screed…… he said that what he said (on tape) wasn’t really what he said, and that this was just another campaign trick by “these despicable Republicans…”

John, John, John. Active duty military personnel are not allowed to speak out politically. You know that, and yet you denigrate their intelligence, knowing full well that they can’t say anything back. You’re a coward, John.
But now, you think you can get away with attacking those of us who can speak up, criticize, and hold you accountable? Well, you’re not only a coward, but a fool as well.

Words mean things, John. Here’s how the dictionary defines “despicable”

: deserving to be despised : so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation <despicable behavior>

Down South, we have a term to describe the kind of language you have used toward your critics. We call them “Fighting Words”. You care to back them up with more than your wife’s money? No, I didn’t think so……

We will see just how badly you’ve stepped in it, John. The canary in the coalmine will be when you see Bill Clinton climbing in front of the cameras to denounce yet another vast right wing conspiracy. That will mean that the left is going on full alert, trying to stave off yet another election defeat. But, it won’t be enough. And you, John Kerry, will be known forever as the man who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Heh. Sweet.

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Happy Halloween


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CU Next Tuesday, SUCKAA

You can tell a lot about a person by the friends he keeps. Birds of a feather, and all of that.

cheney.jpgI think there’s something similar to be learned by looking at their enemies. Two stories in the news today give us a good take on Dick Cheney. You either love the guy, or hate him with a passion. First is a story from the NYPost.

Rep. Charles Rangel yesterday blasted Dick Cheney as a “son of a bitch” after the vice president said the Harlem lawmaker would raise taxes and destroy the economy if Democrats take control of the House.”

Heh. Let us not forget that Rangel has promised to do the country the great favor of leaving office if his democrat party fails to take control of the Congress in next week’s elections. Just in case Rangel has forgotten, I plan on reminding him as loudly and as often as necessary.

The second story is from BBC News. US Vice-President Dick Cheney has said that insurgents in Iraq have increased their attacks in order to influence the upcoming US mid-term elections.”

I expect more of this as the terrorists have learned that they can count on reliable media outlets like al-Jazeera and CNN to “give them a fair shake.”

One more week folks. Hope you have your game face on.

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Update at 13:50: I just listened to kerry defend his remarks denigrating the intelligence of the US Armed Services — “It’s Bush’s Fault. It’s Cheney’s Fault. It’s Rumsfeld’s Fault. It’s Rush Limbaugh’s Fault.”

Never once did he apologize.

This liar actually said that if anyone thought that he would do anything that would ever do anything that would harm the troops, then they were” just crazy “.   jfk180.jpgAnd then, in a style reminiscent of Genghis Khan, he went on to blast the Republicans for actually having the temerity to hold him accountable for remarks which, incidentally,  are on Video Tape. Heh.
What an asshole.

Charlie Brown Does Bombadan

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Real Torture Is Having To Read The NYT


Heh. I saw this over at RW’s Place

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The Pelosi Agenda. Part 5


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Muslim Manifesto

Yesterday, I made the following comment about the true meaning of islam:

Saying that these attitudes do not represent true islam is either a true statement, or it is not. It is, however, not the responsibility of the Western world to learn the meaning of true islam through CAIR-sponsored sensitivity training, or by listening to the pious pronouncements of talking-head taquiya saying that islam is a Religion of Peace™.

Honor killing, intimidation, intifada, riot, murder, mayhem, and the constant seething against a perceived insult or slight, speaks with a volume and intensity that words simply cannot excuse. It is time for the islamic world to “Spring Forward” a millennium, and clean up its act, or face marginalization, if not outright separation, from civilized society.

If this article from Chronwatch had been available yesterday, I would have included a link. Just as well. This is a significant read. Listen to Alan Caruba: “The next time anyone tells you that Islam preaches tolerance or peace, think again.”

Plus, I’ll be tagging those same authors that I pinged in yesterday’s rape-sheik post, just in case you missed them.

Also, FYI, Chronwatch provides a pdf link to the 32 page “Muslim Manifesto”. It follows here…




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