Better Living Though Chemistry


Taking  page from the 1960’s DuPont advertising campaign, Israel’s successful deployment of a new crowd control measure is winning praise for its effectiveness, as well as for its envirnmental friendliness.

It’s called ‘Skunk Spray.”

The “aromatic” spray is shot from a water cannon, soaking the target in gut wrenching, putrid smell. But, believe it or not, as smelly as it is, the Skunk is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and so harmless you can drink it without fear of harm. Except, according to reporters who caught a whiff of it, it kind of immediately makes you wretch. {snip}                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The opposition is fuming: B’Tselem put out its own video showing Israel’s armored tanker trucks fitted with water cannons which spray the foul fluid at Palestinian protesters.

You can’t please some folks: the IDF units switched from live to rubber bullets – and they complained. Now that there are no bullets at all being used – they’re still complaining.



Momma didn’t care much for George “Possum”  Jones.

His songs were about bars, honky tonks, women of questionable virtue, and (gasp) drinking.  Eddie Arnold was more her type.

But, I liked me some Jones.  That unmistakeable voice that was Jones.

This is one of many songs by The possum, and it’s one of my favorites.


Going to Manhattan to Party?

They wanted to check out the big sale on pressure cookers at Bloomies

A1A South

According to Chechen Terrorist the Younger, they were not planning to go to New York to hurt anybody! They were just going to party!

Yes. I so totally relate to THAT. Because people always carry multiple illegal weapons and bombs when they are going someplace to party. Especially places with extremely strict gun controls.

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Sunday Night Synthesizer

Emerson, Lake & Palmer in 1973

Emerson, Lake & Palmer in 1973 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer …   one of the great ‘headphone bands’ of the 70’s.


I had never heard of the Moog synthesizer before this song.  When it comes in towards the end of the song, it really makes you want to turn it up loud!  And, having a good set of headphones makes that possible, without waking up th neighborhood.  Heh.


This is Lucky Man.




Pot and no bullets better than bullets and no pot. Or something.

A man and a woman were each shot in the leg and a youth was grazed by a bullet, but the wounds were not life-threatening, Denver police said on Twitter. Officers were looking for two suspects in the shootings, which occurred as the rally was winding down.

“I heard five or six gunshots in quick succession,” said Cole Wagenknecht, 27, who attended the rally at a downtown park near the State Capitol. “That’s why I knew it wasn’t fireworks. Then everybody started to scatter and ran toward one end of the park.”

spicoliThe rally was one of a number of marijuana-related activities, including classes on hashish making and cooking with cannabis, held in Colorado on April 20. source

Police interviewed one attendee, who seemed unconcerned. “All I need are some tasty waves a cool buzz and I’m fine. 420, Dude!”

Where are these youtube sensations now?

I don’t recognize these interweb celebs. Where have I been? Anyway, Mike Thomas said some website got 30 thousand hits by posting this infographic, and I should try it too.

Go figure! ( Click on pic to enlarge)

mp3 youtube

What difference would it make?

What whas it Hilary said about Benghazi ….. What difference does it make?


h/t Kim Wade

Spring Football Report~Seven Year Old Brain Cancer Patient Is An Inspiration

I am posting this a week after the fact, but it is a story that needs telling.

It really isn’t a story about football as much as it is a story about celebrating life.

For a fuller story about Jack Hoffman and his 69 yard touchdown run, late in the Nebraska Cornhuskers annual Red/White game, here is a link.

Jack Hoffman, age seven, is battling pediatric brain cancer. One of the Nebraska football players, senior Rex Burkhead, had learned of young Jack’s condition early in the 2011 season and befriended him. Burkhead, one of the leaders of the team(and a native Texan from Plano), introduced Jack to the entire team and they have all adopted him as their little brother/team mate.

Too try and describe the scene of Jack, wearing the same number Burkhead wore, and his moment of triumph would require a greater wordsmith than I. You will understand when you watch the video and I caution you now, for some reason your screen might become blurry.

Please pray for Team Jack.

Bluebonnets of Texas

Beautiful this time of year.


h/t ronnie gentry

Obama deploys West Coast Defense Grid


Because it has worked so well in our schools!

Remember this lady?

From Moonbattery: Moral Compass Awry

Iren Sendler

Another Sooner Legend Passes Away…This One Is Personal

I was deeply saddened this afternoon when I learned that former OU Sooner football coach Chuck Fairbanks had passed away.

Unlike the recent passing of Steve Davis, Coach Fairbanks had a long full life that spanned 79 years, during which time he had coaching jobs in high school, at numerous universities, in the NFL, was credited with creating the 3-4 defense and had the wisdom to allow his OU offensive coordinator(Barry Switzer) to install the wishbone offense.

Before those years at OU and after, though, I knew Coach Fairbanks as the defensive backs coach at the University of Houston. Coach recruited my oldest brother to come to UH as a QB and on one of his recruiting visits he took our entire family to dinner at the best restaurant in our small East Texas town.

Coach loved recruiting because he genuinely liked people and he was very kind to us all, and made it a point to let this young 8th grade boy know that he would be watching me and might come back and recruit me in a few years. On the day my brother had to report to the athletic dorm before his freshman year, it was all very exciting being there, seeing these huge athletes from all over the country, including one cajun offensive guard that pulled up in a stretch limousine and walked into the lobby with a foot locker on each shoulder. Even with all that was happening and all the people coming and going, Coach Fairbanks spotted us and came and visited with us for quite a while, always politely excusing himself when he was needed and always returned to our table like he said he would.

For his family and friends, I extend my deepest condolences. As a young boy from a humble hard working family, my sense of Coach Fairbanks was that he was a genuinely good person that cared about people. Some that played for him said he was tough, but fair and I can believe that without reservation.

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Case Of Ward “Chutch” Churchill

Not a big deal, really, just one of those stories with the sound of the second shoe dropping.

In a joint statement, CU President Bruce Benson and Boulder campus Chancellor Phil DiStefano said they were pleased with the decision and now consider the matter to be settled.

Any reasonable person knew he was done at CU and would never regain his tenured position at that institution again, not after about 20 other academics ratted him out as a total fraud.

Still, we had some good old times with “Chutch” over at the place that shall not be named, where many of us met as blog buddies.

So in celebration of the fraud Churchill’s just firing being upheld by the courts, I take us back, waaay back to 4 Feb 2005, when Iowahawk introduced us to Chutch.


SONG: “Colorado Kung-Fu Justice Man”
Words & Music by Tommy Terry and Danny Boycey
Performed by Jan-Peter Bronston
From the ABC-Polyglam LP, “Arapazowee Nation”

In the aspen covered Rockies there’s a legend often told
Of a tenured native shaman with a cougar, grey and gold
He had two fists of fury and a Master of Arts Degree
From accredited Sangamon State University

He was a Colorado kung fu justice man,
Fighting fascist critics across the campus land.
Office hours: Monday Wednesday Friday 9 to 10
Colo-RADO (kung fu)
Colo-RADO (kung fu)

With red hair in his hat and Arapazowee soul
Speaking truth to power was his only goal
Writing grants and lectures, a simple mountain life
A Bultaco for his horse and a cougar for his wife

Adios, Chief Fakeyourassoff, we hardly knew you…and we are truly thankful for that.


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