Breaking: hostage situation at HRC campaign office

Breaking News from New Hampshire:

At 28 N. Main, Rochester, NH, police are resonding to a hostage situation at Hillary Clinton’s campaign office.

There are also reports of various bomb threats in and around Rochester.

Mrs. Clinton is not in New Hampshire. She is attending the DNC Winter meeting in Virginia.

Uodate: Mrs Clinton has canceled her appearance at the DNC Winter Meeting…

Developing…..CNN “a hostage situation that began at about 1 p.m. at the headquarters…. it is unclear how many people were being held.”

FoxNews confirmed: “Something is going on…” Man claiming to have a bomb demanding to speak to Sen. Clinton…identified as Troy Stanley…Leland Isonberg.

Witness says: “Man opened his coat and revealed a bomb strapped to his chest with duct tape.”

…more from WCVB Boston

…”An armed man” took people hostage Friday at a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign office in New Hampshire, police said.

clintonhostagetaker.jpgfrom WBZ … “We are trying to establish contact with the person inside,” Rochester Police Capt. Callahan told WBZ’s Joe Shortsleeve. He would not comment when asked if the man is armed and dangerous. Callahan said the neighborhood has been secured and they have re-directed trafffic.

UPDATE: It’s over, man surrenders…AP has the wrap-up

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  1. That woman will stoop to anything……better check his affiliations.

  2. hehe you’re such a cynic. 😉

  3. I’ve had some cause to doubt the integrity of the candidate. 🙄


  4. I see they’ve arrested a 4th person in Sean Taylor’s death.

    Police spokeswoman Linda O’Brien identified the suspects, all males as: Venjah K. Hunte, 20; Eric Rivera Jr., 17; Jason Scott Mitchell, 17; and Charles Kendrick Lee Wardlow, 18. O’Brien said the charges for each had not yet been determined, but “we are talking murder and burglary.”

  5. It’s a Massive Piano Leg Conspriacy, I tell you what.

  6. Ted Kennedy’s writing his autobiography, and he’s getting more than $8 million for it.

    Wonder what the title will be?

    I speculate thusly:

    * The Brother That Wasn’t Worth the Cost of a Bullet

    * Water World

    * No, I’m a Drunk (Alcoholics Go To Meetings)

    * Taxing & Spending for Dummies

    * It Couldn’t Be Camelot Without a Lady in the Lake

    * Brother Can You Spare a Liver?

    * If Oil Were Gin, I’d Attack Iraq

    * Dude, Where’s My Pants?

    * A Bridge Too Far

    * King Leer

    * Something Wicked This Way Comes

    * The World According to Grope

  7. If Oil Were Gin, I’d Attack Iraq. That gets my vote.

  8. Top Ten Ways To Tell You Might Be Hillary Clinton
    Posted by spacemonkey at 10:40 AM
    Someone out there is Hillary Clinton. Who is it? It could be you. Here’s ten ways to tell if you might be the PIAPS.

    10) You want to run on your record, a record that is so impressive it can’t be released to the public until after you get reelected.

    9) You know absolutely everything about absolutely everything unless it’s happens to have something to do with your campaign.

    8) Your greatest political success was a by anyone else’s standards a spectacular failure of Biblical proportions.

    7) You want to take take things away from people for their own good, and then occasionally have Norman Hsu pay them back.

    6) Frost is something you’re used to seeing on your windows. On the inside.

    5) You took diction lessons from Roseann Barr, and etiquette from Sasquatch.

    4) You have a very simple and logical stances on the issues, and are flabbergasted when people try to pin you down to any one stance on any issue,

    3) You tell women they don’t need a man to take care of them or to ride a man’s coat tails. Yet your entire success comes from being married to a man who took care of you while you rode his coat tails.

    2) Your approach is marked by a stampede of woodland creatures, large and small.

    And the number one way to tell you might be Hillary Clinton….

    You aren’t recalling a trip to Nevada when you fondly muse about hot, steamy Reno nights.

  9. I kinda like “It wouldn’t be Camelot without a Lady in the Lake”.

  10. I was gonna say the same one, Swampie.
    Of course, “Don’t Worry, We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Come To It” would be a good’un, too.

  11. Not a Mike Savage fan, but I take my hat off to him on this.

  12. Yeah, I don’t like him either, but Go Mike!

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